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Federal Loan Consolidation Rates

Make the Most of Your Student Loan Payments

Are student loan payments consuming too much of your monthly budget? Do you make payments every single month but never seem to make any progress toward paying off your education debt? If so, shopping for federal loan consolidation rates could help you. By looking for consolidation rates, you can find a low-interest loan that will combine your existing education debts into one more affordable monthly payment. You will be able to devote more of your money to the principal of your student loans, which allows you to pay down your debt more quickly.

About Federal Loan Consolidation Rates

The purpose of our site is to give our visitors free quotes on federal loan consolidation rates. We have partnered with lenders all over the country to provide no-cost quotes on federal consolidation loans. You can compare the consolidation rates of up to five different lenders without ever leaving our site. Here are a few more reasons to consider federal loan consolidation:

  • Secure an affordable fixed rate for the life of the consolidation loan
  • Federal loan consolidation requires no credit checks, application fees, or origination fees
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Most lenders offer quick, online applications

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